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The Siren Card, a Visa card designed exclusively for Starbucks Partners, can be used just like your current debit card. Just like your debit card now, you don’t worry about paying a balance.  

What makes Siren Card different, are the exclusive technology features built into the experience.’s exclusive “Credit Optimizer” strengthens your credit automatically in the background.

No because you use it just like a debit card. You use your FDIC insured Siren Deposit Account as your direct deposit destination and you spend with the Siren Card, just as you would your debit card. The Credit Optimizer is working in the background to help transform you into a healthy credit user by automatically optimizing your credit utilization.

No. With Siren Card, you’re guaranteed to never pay interest or fees.

All U.S. partners who are 18 years of age can apply for a Siren Card.

No hard pull or soft pull is conducted when you apply. Once you are a customer, we will show you your credit scores as part of your credit optimization journey, but those also won’t be hard or soft pulls.  It’s only us getting your scores, so that we can show you your progress.

In most cases you can apply and be approved instantly! Once approved, your premium metal Siren Card should ship within 2 business days, however you will be able to start using your account instantly on approval.  With fast deposits and a virtual card, you can start spending before your metal card even arrives. is an independent organization and Starbucks does not receive direct financial benefit from a partner signing up.  Starbucks made a strategic investment into to aid in the development of the Siren Card.

Yes, you can use Siren Card as long as you want.

According to financial experts, a credit score is required to qualify for many life events, like renting an apartment, buying or leasing a car, refinancing student loans, or buying a home. Having a better credit score can also save you lots of money by allowing you to qualify for lower interest rates. 

Absolutely!  Siren’s Credit Optimization works for all approved clients, including people with no credit, bad credit, or who already have good credit but want to have great credit.

Yes! You can use your FDIC insured Siren Deposit Account as your direct deposit destination.  You might get to spend your paycheck up to two days earlier than normal.

No, this is not a secured card. You use Siren Card like a debit card replacement, never worry about paying a bill, never pay fees or interest, and credit optimization automatically manages your credit utilization to help you build healthy credit. 

Yes! With Siren Card you can access cash instantly 24/7 on the largest free ATM network with over 55,000 free ATM’s in all 50 states across North America. 

No! Siren doesn’t charge you international transaction fees, and guarantees you’ll never pay a fee.

SIREN is powered by financial technology, and the automatic credit optimizer framework is the sole property of All rights reserved by

Use of Starbucks trademarks herein is with the permission of Starbucks Corporation. All rights reserved by Starbucks Corporation.

The SIREN Deposit Account is provided by Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (“WSFS Bank”), Member FDIC. The SIREN Card credit card is issued by WSFS Bank pursuant to a license from Visa® U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa® credit cards are accepted.

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1. The SIREN Deposit Account and Services have absolutely no fees, and under the “ Guaranty” you will never pay fees or interest on your SIREN Card. The SIREN Card is able to help build credit because it is a real credit card with 17.76% APR on Purchases and 24.99% APR on Cash Advances. However, the service manages your SIREN Card payments automatically in the background according to the rules of the SIREN Card cardholder agreement, to ensure you avoid being charged fees or interest. If the automated payment management fails for any reason, and you are charged interest or fees, under the “ Guaranty” found in the “ Services Amendment to the Deposit Agreement” that you agree to when you apply for, will cover that fee or interest charge on your behalf. Therefore, with the Guaranty, you will never pay fees or interest on your SIREN Deposit Account or SIREN Card, guaranteed.

2. cannot account for all variables in your financial life or changes to reporting practices. Increases or specific changes to your credit score are not guaranteed.

3. Accessing your direct deposit funds early depends on the timing and schedule of when the payer submits the deposit. We generally will allow you to access the spending power of those deposits on the day the deposit file is received, which could be up to 2 days prior to the scheduled payment date.

4. You can locate free ATM’s using the FREE ATM finder located in your SIREN  mobile app. ATM withdrawals are cash advances against the SIREN Card credit card, and while they are subject to the interest rates and terms outlined in the SIREN Credit Card Agreement, you will not pay any interest on those cash advances for as long as you have a valid guaranty.

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